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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making the Best of a Situation - By Trout MaGee

Today we had to travel over an hour on a busy highway to get to our destination.  I decided to roll down the window and see what kind of images you can capture at 60 mph.  Hope you enjoy the pics:)


Hope you enjoyed the cruise.  The close up Dandelion picture was taken while car was stopped:) 


  1. The dandelions are amazing! Yeah, was puzzled about the car. ;) The rows of sproutlings are beautiful and make me miss the midwest....staring at those rows was always mesmerized me...

    Very much enjoyed the "cruise"! Cheers!

  2. Can I use one of these pics for my blog header??? AMAZING!

  3. e.m.b.,
    Thanks. COuldn't talk my wife into holding on to my ankles while I leaned out the window for Dandelion pic. The growing season is definitely upon us.

  4. Dustin,
    Thanks a lot. Yes you can use one of these pics for your header pic. If you could add By Trout MaGee on it that would be great. Thanks for asking. Tight Lines.

  5. Dustin,
    Awesome sounds good to me. Tight lines

  6. Guau preciosas fotografias! increibles!

  7. Los frikis del Carp,

    Muchas gracias. Me alegra saber que te gusta la fotografía. Mantenga la captura de los peces grandes. Tigtht líneas!

  8. ummm que? Thats the extent of my spanish. Oh and of course cerveza

  9. Awesome pics, I haven't had an Old Style beer in forever, keep up the good work...



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